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Seaboard Equinox Asphalt Driveway Sealer



LN-11 EQUINOX -5 Gallon Pail



Seaboard Equinox Sealer is a superior gilsonite driveway sealer that
dries to a beautiful black glossy surface.
BASIC USES: Seaboard Equinox Sealer is used as a rejuvenator and sealer on
bituminous asphalt parking lots and driveways.
LIMITATIONS: DO NOT HEAT container. DO NOT APPLY on bituminous surfaces
before they oxidize 60-90 days, inclined driveways, or over surfaces
with a coal tar coating.
APPLICATION: Seaboard Equinox Sealer should be applied to a thoroughly clean and
dry bituminous surface after all cracks and holes have been filled with
Seaboard Crackfiller. The material may be applied by brush, squeegee,
or spray equipment at a rate of 60-80 square feet per gallon.
STORAGE: Seaboard Equinox Sealer can be used year round and the only
protection would be from weathering on the container.
Mineral Spirits
CAS 8052-42-4
CAS 64741-41-9
CAS 12002-43-6


Manufacturer Part Number: LN-11-5G
Seaboard Equinox Asphalt Driveway Sealer
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Equinox Driveway Sealer
Submitted by Jim on
Ive been usining Equinox driveway sealer for over 30 years. It is the best sealer I have ever found. I usually mix some dry play sand in it for traction in the winter. Equinox is the only asphalt based driveway sealer I have found available for home owner use. My driveways are both over 30 years old and are still in good shape. I use Equinox about every 4 years. The only down side is you cannot use a coal tar based sealer over Equinox, until it has worn off.It wont ad hear properly. Equinox is asphalt based, the same as your asphalt driveway. They are made for one another.
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